You have been asking for the original Apple Mac OS Catalina Download on Just Apple Stuff, and we are providing it! Apple finally removes iTunes which exists on Mac’s ever since the iPods existed did since 2001. Now Apple has split the iTunes into three versions one is Apple Music, Podcasts and TV. 

Now you can sync your devices through the help of finder rather than having its apps. You can also sync media content using Apple’s Music, Podcasts and TV. 

The music app has access to all of your music library now right from songs which are downloaded or purchased from the store. The music app also has an iTunes music store that will let you transfer and manage music from the Apple store. 

Apple TV is a new app which finally comes to macOS from Apple TV and iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone which gives you access to all Movies and TV shows from Apple’s new TV+ subscription service having support for all the 4K HDR content and Dolby Atmos on 2018 and above Mac’s.

The new Podcasts app will let users access to Podcasts library which was previously only available in iTunes where you can browse, View the Top charts, right from managing the Library and The editor selected categories.


A new Mac feature called as sidecar which will let your iPad into a second display or extension for your Mac supporting Apple pencil in Sidecar mode. The possibilities are endless as you can convert your iPad into a drawing tablet in Photoshop and other drawing related Apps. The Sidecar feature will extend your display mirroring the same content on both screens as well. 

macOS Catalina improves the security in macOS by not only checking apps for security Vulnerability and bugs But also now Apps must get your consent before accessing your files or documents. 

Also, Apple Watch can be used to approve security requests by pressing the side button and Only Macs with T2 chip has to support Activation Lock. 


Find My

The Find My app is now available on Mac as Find My Mac and also lets you find your friends, It now works offline as well letting you track devices when they are offline using Bluetooth and nearby Apple devices in case you lose or somebody stole your device.


Screen Time:

macOS Catalina now lets you, track your app usage on all your Mac’s as Screen Time, Where you can customize Downtime, App daily time limits, and also set content and privacy restrictions. 

Screen Time stores all Downtime and App limits across all your iCloud devices and Helping you to Monitor and manage each device with better parental controls. 

App Limits is a new feature which will help you to create limits on each app category, Particular apps and Even websites so when a Time limit is up, You can get One more minute which is a new feature that will let you end your progress whether its a game or work, Helping you to save your progress.

Apple is also planning to bring communication controls and limits in the future update. 


Mac Catalyst

Mac catalyst helps developers to port all their iPad apps to macOS with just a few minor changes in Xcode and immediately making it live in the Mac App Store. 

It was initially known as project catalyst allowing all iOS developers to port iOS apps to macOS in no time. Consecutively Apple even allowed to port iPhone apps to macOS.



The Photos app on Catalina has a new user interface and manages pictures based on Day, Month and Year and also has a smart inbuilt software that chooses only the best photos. 



macOS Catalina also allows you to block spam sources, Helps you to unsubscribe from a particular source and Also mute emails.  

The Block sender option will allow you to block a particular sender and send all his messages to Trash at just once. 

Also, there is an Unsubscribe Option now for emails that will remove your Email address from the mailing list.



In Notes app, There is now gallery view, Collaboration options and also can share folders. 

The new notes App with Gallery view lets you see all your notes as Thumbnails. The new search is very powerful enough to recognize texts in Receipts, Bills, Tickets, and Screenshots, To get you the processed search results from it.

You can now reorder a checklist helping you to organize goals even better and also you can reuse a checklist every day If you are a frequent traveler by unchecking all ticked ones as Unticked with a single button. 



The reminders app has a completely new interface with a smart list, Voice control, Message integration and with Siri, you can completely control the Reminders App with voice. 

The new Reminders interface organizes into four sections with Today, Scheduled, All and Flagged option. They’re totally customizable with colors and icons.

You can now add attachments to your reminders with photos, documents, Links, and Scanned items with time, date, location and flags. 

Siri’s suggestions can also help you to create a reminder when you make plans on iMessages. 


Safari Browser

Now safari is even smarter with start pages which uses Siri suggestions to show you all most visited sites, Tabs from iPhones and iPads, Bookmarks, and Links from iMessages.

Safari also warns you to use stronger passwords and recommends a stronger password if what you are using seems to be using a weaker password.  

Picture in Picture mode now available from Safari Tabs and also iCloud login on the Safari browser to be authenticated via the Touch ID.


Quicktime Player:

The Quicktime player has a picture in picture mode which will make your video play as a small window which can even be customized to resize based on your preferences. So you can watch your favorite music videos or Cook recipes while working on other things and tabs. 



Airplay 2 speaker devices can be automated to play music and do custom actions when you arrive home and on various other scenarios like turning it off when you leave home.


Apple HomeKit secure video

Homekit secure video is an API that uploads the videos captured by the smart home cameras to iCloud and encrypted without leaving it to hackers vulnerable.

Also, HomeKit secure video notifies you when an activity is detected for you to review and analyze the recordings. Apple is offering 200GB of iCloud data at 2.99$ / month for a single smart home camera and 2 TB of iCloud storage for around five smart home cameras at 9.99$ / Month. Logitech and So many other smart home cameras are planning to support HomeKit Secure video shortly. 


Apple arcade

You can now access Apple arcade using the Mac App Store and You can find a separate tab for it which gives you access to the gaming service which Apple unveiled recently. 

Apple arcade is a subscription gaming service with unlimited access to so many games that work across Mac, Apple TV, iPhone and iPad. It can cost you around 4.99$ each month with up to six members in a family to access the Apple arcade subscription and play games with unlimited access to so many game titles. It is free from Ads and In-App purchases. Keeping you entertained without any Interruptions. 

Activation Lock

Mac’s with Apple T2 Security chip offers more protection to your Mac, Even if you lose your Mac, It cannot be erased and making the Mac useless to them. It can only be reactivated with your Apple ID and Password.

Data Protection


macOS Catalina needs permission from each application to access documents, desktop and downloads 

Each App must require permission to access iCloud drive right from accessing folders from third-party cloud storage, external volume and even removable media. Apps also need permission to log data, capture screenshot, or Video record a screen so you can be assured that you are free from keyloggers. 


Features of Mac OS Catalina Download

  • New Music, Podcasts and TV Apps
  • iPad as an extension to Mac using sidecar
  • Screen Time and One more minute
  • Apple watch unlocking 
  • Find my app and offline features
  • Apple arcade gaming service 


Things to remember or consider upgrading to macOS Catalina 

No More 32-Bit Apps


In macOS Catalina, You cannot able to run 32-bit apps anymore. The Last macOS Mojave is the last version to support 32-bit apps and Apple has been trying to kill 32-bit apps for a long time. In Catalina, 32-bit Apps do not run anymore. You will get this warning when you are installing and upgrading to Catalina with a warning saying that some of the apps will not work anymore and must be replaced. 


Advantages of 64-bit apps 

The 64-bit apps can make use of more memory and offering better system performance. Apple’s Metal only works with 64-bit apps and For Apple to ensure that every App is taking advantage of macOS latest technologies, 32-bit app support should be removed on the Catalina. 

No More Dashboard

Apple has finally removed the dashboard which is a very useful feature having sticky notes, Puzzles, Weather information, National and International Clocks, Calculator, Web links and Other useful widgets. Not even having any Dashboard app in macOS.


macOS Catalina is compatible with most Mac computers 2012 and later devices.

  • 2012 MacBook Air and later devices 
  • 2015 MacBook and later devices
  • 2012 MacBook Pro and later devices
  • 2012 Mac mini and later devices 
  • 2012 iMac and later devices 
  • 2017 iMac Pro and later devices
  • 2013 Mac Pro and later devices 


The mid-2010 Mac Pro and mid-2012 Mac Pro are not getting the macOS Catalina updates.


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