iPhones are great for taking photos. While you pile up your gallery with your photos, you have to transfer them to save up space in your storage at some point. While iTunes is the best way to transfer photos from iPhone to your computer, there are other efficient ways too that help you transfer pictures from iPhone to your computer without iTunes.

CopyTrans Photo:

It is the most effortless way of transferring and managing the photos back and forth between iPhone, iPad, and your computer. Download CopyTrans Photo on your computer and connect your iPhone. All the pictures will start to load at once you connect your iPhone with your computer. The photos on the iPhone will appear on the left side, and the folders of your computer will appear on the right side. Select a particular photograph which you want to transfer or all photos if you need (press ctrl+A). Then drag and drop the pictures on the desired folders. You can also organize and transfer photos as well as hand in hand.


  • It is indeed easy to use.
  • You can access the application to copy back and forth to preserve the album structure.
  • Compatible with all versions of iTunes, iOS, and windows.
  • The full Backup function will recognize the pictures and will not duplicate.


iCloud helps in transferring files from your iPhone to your computer wirelessly.

Updating your iCloud:

Make sure that you have the recent version of iCloud and download it on your computer as well from the Appstore. Sign in to the same Apple ID.

Turn on iCloud Photos:

Go to the settings option on your iPhone and select your name, and it leads to iCloud, photos and then turns on iCloud photos. Upload pictures to iCloud on your iPhone. Later, download it from iCloud on your computer.


  • It is used to access anywhere or on any device as long as you use the same Apple ID to log in.
  • iCloud provides strong backup options so that you cannot lose any data.
  • It also syncs all the edits you make on any device. Since the edits are non-destructive, you can undo edits anytime.


  • Access to additional storage is not free of cost.
  • iCloud cannot exclude any picture from syncing.


Dropbox transfers photos from iPhone to a computer via LAN (Local Area Network). This application helps to access photos across any device within the Dropbox application. There is also an option to connect automatically to Dropbox, meaning photos are accessible from your computer at any time.


  • 2GB of free space is provided for free, and it is user-friendly.
  • Requires subscription to access additional storage.


  • The file should be transferred either one by one or in a small batch.
  • Dropbox cannot detect when a photo is uploaded twice. Therefore it creates duplicate photos.

Google Drive:

Download Google Drive from the Appstore and select the option upload and after that select photos and videos, and now you can choose the photos and upload them.

Then install Google Drive on your computer, a folder will be automatically created on your computer. Open the folder, and you can find your uploaded pictures in the folder.


  • It offers 15GB of storage for free.
  • It is wireless transferring of files.

Windows Explorer:

Windows Explorer allows to copy files without any third-party software, a USB cable is sufficient for the transferring of files.

First, connect your iPhone to the computer. If you can’t view your device on your computer, unplug and plug back the cable. Then, open the file explorer followed by the computer, your phone, and internal storage. Select the DCIM folder from the internal storage. Finally, copy the photos to the desired folder on your computer.


  • No software is needed.


  • Photos are sometimes rotated and not arranged in the correct order with complex sequence and no folder order.


It is another way of transferring photos, through Emails. It is quite a time-consuming method. Transfer photos one by one, or maybe a few pictures to prevent consuming longer hours.


  • It is completely free of charge.


  • It consumes a lot of time.

There are a lot more applications and browsers, especially for transferring photos from iPhone to a computer without iTunes.

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