Sometimes while you are working and the Wi-Fi is unable to provide the speed needed to browse all the pages. When you are in a hotel room and you cannot connect all of your devices at your place, or perhaps you like to give someone access to your Wi-Fi, but you don’t want to provide them with a password.

If your phone was running out of data pack or your router is not working correctly, you can turn Mac into a Wi-Fi hotspot. You might become anxious about how that is possible? So take out some of your precious time and read below to get all of your answers.

When Apple launched the iOS11 software, they introduced a new feature known as “Share Your Wi-Fi”. By the help of this feature, you will be able to share your Wi-Fi password from Mac to iPhone.

What do you need to share Wi-Fi from your Mac to iPhone?

Your Mac needs to have an Ethernet connection, which means that it has to be linked to a network that is wired rather than using Wi-Fi. Besides the following requirements must be met:

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features have to be enabled on both devices.
  • On each of the devices, you must turn off the Personal Hotspot.
  • Both of the devices must remain nearby or within the range of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • You must store The ID of your Apple account in the Contact list of the other device.
  • The feature of sharing the password only works with devices running macOS High Sierra and iOS 11 or devices of higher version.

Before you start sharing the Wi-Fi Password, you must check the version of your device. To do that please follows steps:

  • Click on the settings of the Home screen.
  • Then tap on the general option of the settings menu.
  • Then click on about to know about the software details of your device. There you will get to know about the software version of your Mac and iPhone.

Additionally, by going to the Settings-> General-> App Update menu, you can search for any available updates. Read and review the updated information and if an update is available, then follow the rest of the instructions once you’re all set to update your iOS device. After you update your device, do not forget to reboot it to ensure that all new modifications are properly installed, the memory and the operating system is updated as well.

Now that you have done with all the above requirements, you can proceed to share the Wi-Fi password. If you are the person who is sharing the Wi-Fi password, then keep in mind that your Mac is unlocked and paired with the Wi-Fi network. Next, you have to follow these steps:

  • On the iPhone where you want to connect, you must select the option of Wi-Fi Network.
  • You will get a notification of “Share password”, at that moment click on the option and you will get a confirmation message.
  • Finally, click on done.

If in the first attempt you are unable to share Wi-Fi password, then restart both of the devices and then try to share your Wi-Fi password again to see if it is acceptable or not. If it still doesn’t work, you can ask Apple Support for more assistance or contact your Internet provider to check your Wi-Fi network’s current status.

This password sharing feature is useful at times when you desperately need an internet connection, but you are running out of mobile data. You can go and ask your friend with an iPhone or iPad to give you some data for as long as your device meets the above requirements. With the sharing of the Wi-Fi password feature, you can get a Wi-Fi connection to your device without having the network password. Then you will have an internet connection on your device.

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