Have you forgotten your iPad passcode? Do you want to change or reset your iPad’s password?

Well, that’s no big deal! In this article, you will learn ways to reset or change your passcode even if you don’t know what the passcode is.

Resetting your iPad’s password is quite easy provided the user knows the code, but it’s not so tough to reset the same if you don’t know the current password.

The settings menu allows iPad users to change the password. Suppose you have forgotten your password. In this case, you will have to reset the iPad by available two options :

NOTE: Make sure to backup your iPad device and reset it if Touch ID or Face ID is accessible on your iPad.

Q: How can I reset or change my iPad password?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to reset the iPad mini or to change the password on the iPhone.

Condition 1 – Resetting iPad’s Password if the user does not know what the passcode is :

If you are an iPad user and you know your current password but for some reason want to reset it, you should follow the following step-wise guide –

  • Step 1) Use your current password and log in to the iPad. EnableTouch ID or Face ID according to your iPad model.
  • Step 2) Head on to the Settings application. Settings would resemble somewhat grey gear.
  • Step 3) With the help of the mouse, scroll down until you reach “Passcode“.

NOTE: Passcode may be known as “Touch ID & Passcode for new device owners.

  • Step 4) Your iPad device will ask you for the current password. The iPad will then verify the owner who’s trying to change the password.
  • Step 5) Fill in your current password and scroll down to Change Passcode.”
  • Step 6) On ” Change Password, re-enter your current password.
  • Step 7) It is almost done. In this step, you can go up with any of the two options.

i.e. Either entering your 6-Digit Numeric passcode

or, Clicking on “Passcode Options” to set a Custom Alphanumeric Code/ Numeric Code / Classic 4-Digit Numeric Code

  • Step 8) Enter your new passcode twice, and congratulations, your iPad password is reset.

This was the first way to format your iPad password. Apart from this, there are many other alternative ways to format your passcode.

Condition 2 ) How to reset my mini iPad’s passcode if I don’t remember the current password?

iPads supporting Touch or Face ID don’t require toil for reset of password. Yet to access some security settings, you will need your password.

To add on, suppose your iPad turns off; in this situation, you will have to use your passcode once it turns on again away before you will be able to use Touch ID or Face ID again.

This might be an issue for iPad users, and to fix this issue, the user has to reset his/her iPad fully.

Have a glance at two conditions :

  1. If you are an owner of a newer iPad model: Here, you will be able to access your iPad using Touch ID or Face ID. Just login to your device and back up the iPad using iCloud or PC Before resetting.
  2. If you cannot access your iPad, you will have to lose your entire data.

Here you will have two options for resetting your iPad.

a) Connect your iPad to a computer that’s previously synced with iPad

b) Log in to your iCloud account online.

Wipe out the entire data and reset your iPad. That’s done; you will have the facility to restore a previous backup or go for a new iPad setting.

Condition 3) How to use a computer previously synced with iTunes to reset an iPad?

This method of resetting passwords over iPad is applicable only for those users who have previously synced iPad with iTunes on PC.

  • Step 1) Connect your iPad with your computer and open iTunes.

NOTE: For better results, try to connect your computer to the internet.

  • Step 2) Just at this point, you will are eligible to access your iPad.

NOTE: Suppose you cannot access your iPad, or your iPad asks you for the unlocking passcode. In this case, you will be unable to continue with this method.

  • Step 3) Click on the device icon to open your iPad.
  • Step 4) Select your mini iPad device and log in to iTunes.
  • Step 5) Simply click on “Restore iPad.”

You will be headed to the main page of your device.

  • Step 6) A warning message will pop up to ask you whether you are sure to continue as a yes will erase all your data from the iPad.
  • Step 7) Click on the ” Restore” icon. Just then, all the data will be erased. You will get an option to restore your iPad with the help of a backup.

Congratulations, Your iPad will reboot. You can now set your iPad with a new password.

Condition 4) How to reset my iPad using your iCloud account?

Condition 3, Step 2 failures should land on to this Condition.

If an iPad user has never synced his/her device with a computer, logging in to an iCloud account is the only alternative to reset an iPad.

  • Step 1) Visit the website iCloud.com and log in to your iCloud account.
  • Step 2) Tap on “Find My iPhone.”
  • Step 3) Click on “All Devices” and then select your iPad device.
  • Step 4) Choose the “Find iPhone” icon.
  • Step 5) Now Click on the Erase iPad option and select “Erase iPad.”
  • Step 6) A warning message will pop up to avail you that all your data will be erased, and you won’t be able to track the device anymore. You have no option, so just click “Erase.” This will confirm that you want to erase your data and password.
  • Step 7) Your iPad device will be remotely accessed and reset.

Congratulations, you can now set your iPad as a new iPad or even restore the device from a backup saved on the iCloud.

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