If you are having an iPhone or iPad or any iOS device, you already got used to connecting with your MAC. But sometimes, ejecting that iPhone from your MAC gets difficult. If you are also having such a problem, you need to relax and go through this set-by-step guide.

We got the simple and best solution for your query on how to eject the iPhone from MAC. With just five uncomplicated methods, you’ll surely get to know the answer if you have connected it with a Wifi connection Or USB port to your MAC. No worries; here is the ultimate solution.

Method 1 🙁 Follow the Orders)

  1. At first, you require to go to the Finder in Mac OS X then press Command-Shift-G to Go to folder.
  2. Then Type “/Volumes” and this will lead you to the “Volumes” folder.
  3. If your iPhone is attached as a drive, it will appear there in the volume section.
  4. You can simply select it and press Command-E to eject it, and it should get ejected.
  5. If it does not appear in that volume section, then it is not attached as a drive, so you can simply unplug the USB.
  6. i.e., It may or may not resemble on your Desktop or in a Finder sidebar depending on your settings. But it should always appear in the /Volumes folder.

Method 2:

  1. First step is to go to the Finder>preferences. Then go to the General option.
  2. Then check what you want to see on the Desktop, such as external drives or your hard drive.
  3. Then, in this step, With a card reader (like an SD card), you have to drag the icon from the Desktop to the trash can. Note it will turn into an arrow when you are dragging an ejectable icon.
  4. And in the same way, you can click Finder also on the Dock.
  5. Then, determine the card reader on the left-hand column and click the “arrow” to the right of the device to successfully eject it.
  6. Make sure that you are not in the middle of backing up or syncing the device. If you don’t see any activity in iTunes/Photos/etc. Then it is secure to unplug the iPhone. As you will not lose data when unplugging an iPhone.

Method 3:

In this method, you will have to go to your iTunes panel for ejecting your iPhone from MAC. Let’s have the steps-

  1. Firstly, you have to Initiate your iTunes on your Mac. And the iTunes app looks like a music note icon inside a circle. i.e., You can ascertain it on the Dock or in your Applications folder.
  2. Then Click the iPhone icon, which is located below the Play button and the Volume slider in the upper-left corner of iTunes.
  3. Wait until It presents the Summary screen for your iPhone.
  4. Then try to Find your iPhone’s model name on the left panel. And you should be able to find a navigation panel to the left of the Summary screen.
  5. The model name of your iPhone is at the top of the menu. If there are multiple Apple devices joined to your Mac at the same time. Then the iPhone which you are searching for possibly positioned further down on the left-panel menu.
  6. Now, you need to click the Eject button next to your iPhone’s name. And the Eject button seems like an upwards-pointing arrow next to the model name of your iPhone on the left panel.
  7. After clicking that button, it will eject your iPhone. And unplug your iPhone from your MAC. Afterward, pull out the USB cable to unplug your iPhone.

Method 4:

By using the Deck Icon, you can eject your iPhone from MAC.

  1. Your first step is to open iTunes on your Mac. The iTunes app looks like a music note icon inside a circle. You can quickly locate it on your Dock or in your Applications folder.
  2. Then Right-click the iTunes icon on the Dock. And instantly, a pop-up menu will appear.
  3. Now simply click Eject “The model name of your iPhone”.
  4. And then You will see your iPhone’s name next to Eject on the pop-up menu. Just click that option to eject your iPhone.
  5. You will not be able to discover that option on the menu unless you open iTunes first.
  6. Lastly, unplug your iPhone from MAC and take out the USB cable to unplug your iPhone.

Method 5:

Suppose the above methods are not being capable of solving your query. Then you can remove your iPhone from your Apple ID device list of MAC.

  1. Firstly, go to your Settings and put your name.
  2. Then, scroll down, and you will notice your devices connected to your APPLE account.
  3. Tap that name which you want to remove from the list. And then press the “REMOVE from Account” option below.
  4. If you want this on your MAC, then here are the steps. First, go to the APPLE menu section in your MAC.
  5. Then, you need to click System Preferences.
  6. Then Click Apple Id.
  7. And now you will get to see the devices connected with your Apple account.
  8. Click that model name of your iPhone, which you want to eject.
  9. Then click remove from the account. And boom! The ejection process is completed successfully.

Final Verdict:

The article contains step by step guide on how to eject the iPhone from Mac. The preferable way to solve your query is discussed above. Method 5 is not mostly preferable. If you don’t find any other discussed method solving your issue, you want to solve your query then only apply the Method 5. Apply Method 5  at your own risk.

We’re hoping you will get to solve your issue by applying any of the above methods. Hopefully, there is no query you have right now. But if you’re still having any questions. Then don’t hesitate to discuss below with us in the comment section. And the same problem of others by sharing this step by step guide.

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