Are you looking for methods on how to remove a previously saved bookmark from your bookmark library on MacBook Chrome? Well, in this case, you have landed in the right place. Here you will learn how to delete bookmarks on Mac Chrome without any hassle.

Key Points to know :

  • The easiest method – Visit the Bookmark Manager page, located on Chrome. Also, please follow the detailed steps instructed in the article further.
  • Looking to delete all bookmarks at once? Visit the bookmark manager, select all and click “Delete“.

This article explains both, i.e., how to delete a single bookmarked page on a MacBook or all Chrome bookmarks at once on a Mac. You can also use the Chrome mobile app for the same.

Before jumping into Methods to delete bookmarks on Mac Chrome, have a look at what a Chrome Bookmark is.

What are Chrome Bookmarks?

Bookmark is a popular feature used by browsers such as Chrome to find specific web pages quickly and effectively.

You need not write down a long URL, i.e. universal resource locator, to search for a particular page of details every time. Instead, you can click a single button in Chrome that will locate you to bookmark. Here, you can easily access any web page for later.

Many times, you will face the issue of ending up with too many bookmarks. Such conditions might be difficult for you to manage. In this case, you can organize them into folders or remove the particular bookmark or a group of bookmarks you don’t use frequently.

Why Delete Chrome Bookmarks on MacBook?

Whether you create a bookmark intentionally or accidentally, it is pretty easy to create a bookmark.

There are times when you accidentally bookmark a particular page while trying to type a new URL. Or you might land with an extra bookmark when you open a new tab or interact with one of your plug-ins. In such cases, it’s wise to delete the bookmark permanently to avoid messing up.

A minor reason to delete bookmarks is that they take up storage over time, and you might also end up with a troublesome mess of old bookmarks that you no longer require for future reference. To start fresh, you must remove all your bookmarks at once.

Method 1) Delete bookmarks on Mac Chrome with the Bookmark Manager

Follow the given step-by-step instructions to do the same :

  • Step 1. Open Google Chrome on your MacBook. You have to locate the icon “Chrome“. This icon looks like a colored ball with a blue dot at the center. This icon is situated in your Applications folder on MacBook and in your Start menu on Windows.
  • Step 2. You can view the button located next to the address bar in the upper right corner of the browser page. Just click on the three vertical dots icon in the upper-right corner of your browser. You will automatically be led to the drop-down menu.
  • Step 3. Stick over Bookmarks located on the menu bar. Here, you will be led to a list of all your saved bookmarks over a new sub-menu.

NOTE: For Windows users, you are required to right-click a bookmark and select delete to remove all the bookmarks.

  • Step 4. Tap on “Bookmark Manager“. The bookmark manager bar will be located at the top of the Bookmarks sub-menu.

You will be led to a list containing all your bookmarks in a new tab.

  • Step 5. To delete a particular bookmark, you need to right-click the bookmark. You can also select several bookmarks you want to delete from the Bookmark Manager. This step will automatically open the drop-down menu on the selected bookmark.
  • Step 6. Finally, select delete from the menu bar. You will be availed with instant delete of the selected bookmarks from your bookmark library. The bookmark will automatically disappear from the Bookmark Manager.

Method 2) Delete bookmarks on Mac Chrome from the Bookmarks Bar

Follow the given step-by-step instructions to do the same :

  • Step 1. Land onto Google Chrome on your MacBook. The chrome icon appears coloured with a blue dot in the centre. The Chrome icon is also present in your Applications folder on MacBook.
  • Step 2. Right-click any particular bookmark on the bookmark bar. Followed by hunting for the bookmark you want to delete on your Chrome browser. Bookmarks bar will be located below the address bar. Just right-click on it. This click will lead you to a drop-down menu on the bookmark.
  • Step 3. Go to the menu bar and select the ‘Delete’ bar. This will automatically delete the selected bookmarks from your bookmark library. The selected bookmarks will disappear from your bookmarks bar as well as from your Bookmark Manager.

FAQs on How to Delete Bookmarks on Mac Chrome

How do I delete bookmarks in Chrome on a Mac in a hassle-free manner?

Begin by double-clicking on the folder containing the bookmark that you want to delete. Then right-click the bookmark and select the “Delete” option. You can even delete multiple bookmarks on Chrome by just clicking the “Command” key, followed by clicking wish-listed bookmarks to be deleted, and finally clicking the “Delete” key.

What if I’m unable to delete/remove bookmarks on Chrome?

Sometimes, chrome bookmarks won’t delete due to some network issues. In this case, you should try to reset Chrome or reinstall the same app on your MacBook.

Final Thoughts

Now you are well aware of the above-mentioned two easy steps to delete bookmarks from your MacBook.

This is no longer a challenging task. You can easily perform steps that help keep things organized on your Chrome browser. Also, with deleted Bookmarks, you are particular about the information and links stored on your MacBook device.

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