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Are you looking forward to tidying up the browser history on your Mac? If yes, then read the complete article for how to clear the cache and history of your Mac.

Deleting browser history on mac is a good way to make sure your usage history remains up to you. Furthermore, clearing history on mac eliminates the chances of the device’s slow functioning.

In this article, you will be showed how to safely and quickly delete browser history from your Mac. Before you proceed you need to know what exactly is browser history and should you remove the Mac history.

What is search browser history?

While surfing the web, your browser keeps a record of every page you have visited date. Excluding the part when you choose Private Browsing, all of the visited pages on your Mac are carefully stored in your browser and are added up to your account on daily basis.

Websites you visit now and then are shown up in Google search forms whenever you hunt for them. Apart from this, bowsers also tend to store and remember the information about the last time you have visited any browser pages.

Thus, browsing history might be useful for you as you can always resort to it when you need it but, re-appearance of all the visited pages might irritate you to some extent.

Why should you remove browser history from Mac?

You are responsible for your Mac history and device’s privacy. You might want to remove the history from Mac too –

  • Maintain proper privacy
  • Professional etiquette
  • Confidential business matters or,
  • Being a tidy person who generally enjoys having devices cleaned up.

The tag “already visited this site” might be a bit uneasy. Suppose you are lending your Mac to somebody for use or you are browsing the web with someone besides your shoulder, chances arise that they might see something they do not want to show the specific person. These aspects make it necessary to delete the browsing history from your Mac.

Now have a look at all possible ways to do the same in a hassle-free manner:

Method 1) How to clear search history on Safari on Mac?

Safari keeps your browsing history less privacy-busting security but more useful for device smooth servicing. Safari offers you a list of sites that you have regularly visited in the past.

If you don’t want to see the sites you have visited, again and again, you can wipe the whole browsing history according to your need.

Mac allows users to wipe the last hour’s browsing history with the help of Safari by going back to history and clear the history.

Steps to follow:

  • Go to Safari and choose the History menu
  • Choose the Clear History bar located at the bottom of the menu
  • Now, go to the dialog box appearing on the screen, and choose accordingly i.e clearing the last hour history, today and yesterday, or all history
  • Just tap on Clear History

NOTE: As an alternative, in Safari you can click Command-Y and you will see the current page replacement with a history list. Here you will see a Clear History button toward the top right. Just click and you’re successful to delete the entire Mac history.

You will have an extra option on this alternative page i.e the ability to delete one specific item at a time.

Method 2) How to clear “one item” only from Safari search history on your Mac device?

  • Click Command-Y on Safari
  • You will get a long list on the screen, click once on a history item to select the specific history
  • Right-click to bring up the menu bar
  • Choose Delete option

NOTE: If you select one, two, or more history items from the list, press the Delete key to remove them all from your Mac device.

Now, have a look at clearing specific visited sites from specific platforms on your Mac.

Method 3) How to clear browser history with just a click?

You can choose one of the fastest ways to deal with huge histories, as well as a variety of extra files on your Mac.

Follow the step-by-step guide to do so:

  • Download or launch Get CleanMyMac X.

NOTE: This is a download for free application

  • Visit Privacy module of getting CleanMyMacX
  • Now, choose the browser history you have used in the past
  • Clean the entire history from all of them in just a click

This method will save you time whenever you need a cleanup within your Mac device.

But your internet activity is had been already stored on your Mac in the form of caches, logs, downloads, and old files stored in your Mac from years ago. To clear all this history you can download CleanMyMac X. This is a handy cleaning app that takes care of eliminating all the past junk so that you don’t have to be rework on keeping your Mac and browsers clean.

Method 4) How to clear Chrome history manually?

Follow the mentioned guide to clear the entire Chrome History from your Mac:

  • Visit the page Chrome
  • Just feed chrome://history/ in the search bar and click Return
  • Click “Clear browsing data” history
  • Select the preferred time range you want to clear the history
  • Now press “Clear browsing data.”

The clear browsing data in Google Chrome will be deleted then and there.

Method 5) How to clear Firefox History from Mac device?

To delete the Firefox History from Mac, follow the given steps:

  • Visit the Firefox browser.
  • Enter ‘preferences‘ bar in the search bar
  • Just click Return
  • Now, visit Privacy & Security page
  • Keep scroll down the screen to view the History.
  • Click Clear History followed by unchecking each single detail except for Browsing & Download History.
  • Choose the preferred time range you want to delete the history and press the OK button.


Now you know all about how to delete history on mac device. Just follow the above-mentioned steps and have the clear usable Mac Device.

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