Privacy is loved by everyone! Do you want to learn the process of changing or resetting the password on your iPhone? If yes, then stay tuned.

An Apple iPhone user has several sensitive information such as photographs, business emails, chats, and payment details. Such iPhone devices need to be protected with a strong password.

Passcode put a bar amidst unauthorized users and iPhone devices thus, preventing illegal hacking of data.

By default, an iPhone has a six-digit Password. To enhance the safety of your iPhone device, you can use a custom alphanumeric password.

iPhone users have the full freedom to disable the password completely, but I’d recommend not doing so for security reasons.

how to restore iphone without losing data

How to change your Apple iPhone password?

Follow the given steps :

  • Step 1) Click on the ‘Settings‘ column on your iPhone device.
  • Step 2) Search for the Touch ID & Passcode. Keep scrolling down and choose this option. Once you’ve chosen, you need to enter your current iPhone password.
  • Step 3) Once again, scroll down to search for the ‘Change Passcode‘ option. Once you will locate the change password tab, click on this option.
  • Step 4) Your iPhone device will ask for your current password once again for security reasons. Simply enter your current password correctly.
  • Step 5) It’s almost done. In this step, your iPhone will ask you to input your new passcode.

NOTE: iPhones have additional and advanced options that support alphanumeric passcode or a four-digit passcode.

You can try this too; if you wish; by pressing Passcode Options.

  • Step 6) As soon as you enter your new passcode, you’ll be asked by the iPhone to verify it. You will have to input your new passcode again.

NOTE: Make sure that you do not forget this newly set password.

Congratulations, You are successful in changing your Apple iPhone password in just 6 simple steps.

There are cases where an iPhone device user forgets his/her password. In such cases, people often tend to be tensed.

Well, it’s time to say goodbye to tensions, as below is the complete basic step-by-step guide to reset your Apple iPhone’s password if you’ve forgotten it.

Steps To Reset Your Apple Iphone Password:

Forgetting an Apple iPhone password has only one solution i.e. reset the passcode.

Once you head on to reset your iPhone password, you will have to wipe your iPhone data. All your previous data gets deleted once you’ve reset your iPhone password. However, if you’ve made a backup recently, you have all options to restore your data from iTunes or iCloud.

Follow The Given Steps To Reset Your Iphone Passcode

NOTE: If you do not have access to this, you can move to an Apple Store with your iPhone device. You can even take the help of an authorized partner who can reset your phone for you.

  • Step 2) Erasing an iPhone differs according to the version number. Begin by disconnecting your iPhone from the computer system.
  • Step 3) This step is divided into three parts –
  • Tap on the Top button or Side button until a slider appears on the screen.

NOTE: As soon as this slider appears, your iPhone will be power off.

  • Drag the slider button to power off your iPhone. While you hold on to the Home button, connect your phone to the computer system. In this way, the recovery screen will be availed, and you can erase your iPhone’s data.
    • For an iPhone 7 models holders
  • Hold down the Side button for few seconds. You will see a slider appearing on the screen. This slider will power off your iPhone device.
  • Scroll the slider to power off your iPhone icon. Connect your iPhone 7 to the Computer system as soon as you hold down the Volume down button.
  • You will get a proper list of instructions on the recovery screen. Simply follow the instructions to erase all iPhone data.
    • For the latest models (iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone SE second generation) holders –
  • Press the volume buttons and the Side button simultaneously. Continue this until a slider appears on the screen.
  • Scroll the slider to power off your iPhone device.
  • Now, hold down the Side button and connect your phone to your computer system. After a few seconds, you will see a recovery screen on your iPhone device.
  • Now, you can erase all data on your iPhone to restart the device.

Now that you are well aware of two major ways to change password iPhone, I’ll provide you with another alternative.

You can change or reset your iPhone password with the help of a Google Account. Google Account password is used for accessing many Google products as such Gmail, YouTube, etc.

Steps To Change The Password On iPhone With Google Account:

  • Step 1) Visit the Application Gmail on your iPhone device.
  • Step 2) Head on to the top right corner of the Google app. Click on your profile picture or initials and begin the process of managing your Google account.
  • Step 3) For iPhone users who do not use Gmail, follow this step.
    • a) Go to
    • b) On the top of the website, you will see ‘Personal info bar‘; click on that bar.
    • c) Go to the “Profile” and tap your current password.
    • d) Now, you will just have to enter the new password.
    • e) Once you’ve filled in the new password, select ‘Change Password‘.

Congratulations, you have successfully changed your iPhone password.

NOTE: Android 5.1 and up users will have to wait for 24 hours after changing the iPhone password. Only after 24 hours, you can do a factory reset.

Steps To Reset Your iPhone Passcode With Google Account:

  • Step 1) Open the Gmail application on your iPhone. As soon as you open a Google account, you’ll be asked some questions to confirm it’s your account.
  • Step 2) An email will pop up on your device. There are cases where users complain of not getting an email. For that, follow the mentioned steps –
    • Check your Spam mail folder.
    • Visit your address book and add
  • Step 3) Check all email addresses you have used in the past to sign up or sign in to your Google account.
  • Step 4) Create a strong password that you have never used with this account.

Congratulations, you are successful in Resetting your iPhone’s password.

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