Is your iPad asking for an iCloud user credential at startup? Aw,

You forgot the credentials or don’t even know? Relax,

We have the solution for you. You should go for a successful iCloud bypass process. Let us understand what is iCloud and why did Apple implement this feature in their products.

iCloud is one of those reputable cloud storage services invented to date. Apple introduced it on 6th June in the year of 2011. iCloud acts as a protection for Apple devices from the Factory Reset. You can recover your data in your lost iPad Mini if you have set up iCloud on your iPad Mini.

Some buy a used iPad Mini from someone or some e-commerce websites. Some get for inheritance. Naturally, you may not know the Apple ID and the Password of the previous user of that device. Then there will be two possible ways to log in the iPad Mini. You may ask the previous user for Apple Id and password nor go for an iCloud Activation Bypass process.

iCloud Bypass is very tricky to set up your iCloud account in your locked iPad Mini. If you search on the internet for Activation Lock Bypass ways in iPad Mini, You will see many results.

Some of those will say that it is so easy to bypass activation lock in iPad Mini and you can do it yourself. Some of them are paid, and some are free to avail. Many scammer websites have an Apple-like interface that will ask for your IMEI Number and press next followed by many next.

You will waste your time and effort. Some websites will lead you to download software to unlock your device. That software is a scam. That software can also have viruses that may damage your PC.

May steal secret information from your system and send to any unexpected. There are many e-books available on the internet on this topic. Do you even believe that Apple will compromise its consumers’ security?

I am telling these to you because I have faced this before. When I bought a used iPad Mini from an e-commerce website at low cost.

I have tried many so-called DIY hacks and wasted much time. I also visited some reputed mobile repairing shops in our town. But all gone in vain. At last, my friend told me a way that helped me.

She told me about some genuine websites that are giving iCloud Activation Bypass services. Those websites charge an amount to remove iCloud lock from your device. You need not send the device to them.

Only you need to send the IMEI Number of that device to them and pay the service charge. The process of unlocking takes up to a couple of days. They will inform you after unlocking your device. The unlocking service cost varies from each other.

The average cost may be 30 USD Dollars. As the unlocking process completes, you will never be asked for the password. So, it is a permanent solution without headache.

There is another trick to bypass iCloud Activation Lock called iCloud DNS Bypass. Every device that connects to a network communicates to the host server with an IP address.

Every server has a unique IP address. iPad Mini connects with iCloud Activation Server to login to the iCloud server and verify the activation status of the device.

To do DNS Bypass trick follow these steps:

Insert SIM Card > turn on the device > Set Country and Region > open Wi-Fi list > Click the ‘i’ button beside the SSID you want to connect > Select Configure DNS option > change the DNS to iCloud-Bypass-DNS according to your region > Now connect to that Wi-Fi SSID > Device will try to connect to the Activation Server > Click the Back Button > after redirected to another server choose between the apps there to play media, message, or open camera.

I do not recommend this trick. Because it has many limitations. You can not use all the features of the iPad Mini. Your personal information, such as your browsing data may be leaked. You should try this method at your own risk moreover, as Apple is continuously working on the case of security on their iPad Mini devices to keep its users safe. So, this trick might not work on iOS 11 or later.


We have tried to tell everything from our personal experience about the iCloud Activation Bypass on iPad Mini. Pick the method which is appropriate for you.

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