Are you looking for methods of message forwarding on your iPhone to other Apple devices? If yes, then you are at the right place.

By the end of this article, you will know how to forward text messages from your iPhone to other Apple devices. Furthermore, text message forwarding on an iPhone will take you only few minutes. You will just have to connect your iPhone and your computer. iPhone’s Messages app will allow you to send text messages even if your phone is missing or is showing low battery.

Note: Any device you want to forward text messages to must share an Apple ID with your iPhone device. Thus, make a note that you can’t forward texts to any random iPhone, iPad, or PC. Logging in to your you’ll Apple ID account first is a highly important factor.


How to start up text messages forwarding on an iPhone?

Follow the given steps to do the same:

  • Step 1) Open the Messages app on your iPad/PC or device you want to link to your iPhone.
  • Step 2) Sign in to your Apple ID account. After a few seconds, you will get a text message with a confirmation code.
  • Step 3) Head on to the Settings app on your iPhone device.
  • Step 4) Now, visit the “Messages” tab.
  • Step 5) On the Messages tab, click on “Text Message Forwarding.”
  • Step 6) You will be taken to the next screen. Here, tap on the button located beside the device to you set up Messages.

Now the text messages will be easily sent from your iPhone to various other devices (s) you have allowed.

You can easily control the forwarding of text messages. This method will allow you to send and receive texts and disable the forwarding by simply switching the button under “Text Message Forwarding

There might be a case that you don’t see a “Text Message Forwarding” tab on your iPhone device. For that, you need to follow these two easy steps:

  • Go to the top of the Messages screen.
  • Fix “iMessage” off and on again.
  • You will see the tab “Send & Receive“. Click on this tab, followed by tapping your Apple ID. (You must have signed in with the same iPhone device).

You can even use third-party apps to forward text messages on your iPhone automatically. These 4 third-party apps can be easily downloaded from the iTunes Store, and many are free.

1) ITim Text MMS Messenger:

ITim Text MMS Messenger is a free SMS tool for the iPhone or iPad.

This tool has an additional feature apart from text forwarding, i.e. sharing videos, sounds, and animations, etc. ITim Text MMS Messenger requires an 8.5MB download that will cost you around $4 and requires iOS 3.0 and further versions.

Note: You must have Apple’s iOS 2.0 version installed on your iPhone to use the app’s message forwarding features.

2) Textie Messaging:

Textie Messaging is an application that will help you communicate with other Textie users in a hassle-free way. To use this message forwarding feature, you must have iOS 3.2 or later versions installed on your iPhone. You can use this application for message forwarding with added-on features such as viewing messages, loading archived messages, and adding photos to your text messages. This messaging tool requires 2.0MB for download and is accessible on iOS 3.1 or later.

Note: Textile Message is a free application fed with ads. You can get rid of ads by opting for a paid version.

3) GV Connect:

GV Connect is an application that will help you forward text messages from iPhone to other mobile phone numbers and email addresses.

GV Connect supports text messages display in threads. The additional features of this messaging tool are message archiving with tags, complete display of message history search tool, and iPhone’s contact list integration.

This application is a 1.9MB download with a price of around $3. Make a note that this application is accessible on iOS 3.0 or later. Furthermore, you must have a Google Voice account for the proper functioning of the application.

4) TextNow:

TextNow is one of the popular free text and picture messaging applications. TextNow supports standard text-forwarding features. Furthermore, this application will help you to set up a separate phone number with text messaging support and voice message forwarding. At present, the free version of TextNow is supported by ads. You can opt for the paid version without ads.TextNow is a 19.3MB download that’s accessible on iOS 3.0 or later versions.


Now you know the easy methods to transfer text messages on iPhone device directly. Just follow the given step-by-step guide and avail with easy automatic text transfer.

You can also look forward to using the free tools/applications for the text transfer process.

We hope this article was helpful for you and it helped you solve your issues.

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