Being an Apple user, you might be familiar with Apple’s file transfer service “AirDrop”. It is one of the easiest ways to transfer content between all apple products. This service provides Apple users ease in transferring files, photos, & videos to a different Apple device.

Also, this feature does not require any access to file hosting service, or any other app, it is an inbuilt feature of apple. So, this feature is a lot important for iPhone & Mac users. If you don’t know how you can have access to this feature, you are at the correct place. Here we will discuss how to airdrop from iPhone to Mac. 

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What is an AirDrop?

It is one of the easy and most efficient ways for moving content using WiFi and Bluetooth over two apple devices. Also, you have a proper secure way of transferring, as the data through AirDrop is secured using data encryption, making a safer way for you to transfer your stuff. 

But the only disadvantage is that it only works in the new models especially Apple devices after 2012.  

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#1 Turn on AirDrop on an iPhone

To use the feature of AirDrop you first of all need to enable it from your setting. To do that you can follow the following steps:

  • Open Finder on your apple device or you can go to the settings > General > Tap on Airdrop
  • On the left side of the panel tap on the AirDrop head
  • Turn your WiFi/Bluetooth on also from the bottom of the head you can change your AirDrop settings. 

You will be presented with various options like completely stop receiving, available only for contacts. You can choose any of the best appropriate settings according to your purpose. 

If your AirDrop still not working, open the settings > screen time > tap on content & privacy restriction tab > allow AirDrop. Make sure that AirDrop has access and the slide bar next to AirDrop is green. 

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#2 How to AirDrop from iPhone to Mac

The pre-requirement to share content via AirDrop is that both the devices must have Bluetooth or WiFi on. Also, both the devices are within 9 meters of the range. After you enable your AirDrop option from setting follow the following steps to transfer content from iPhone to Mac.  

  • Find the content file you want to share via AirDrop on your iPhone. 
  • Tap on the Share button and then choose AirDrop among the various options that will appear in the menu.
  • Your iPhone might take few seconds to recognize the device available nearby you. If it’s the first time it may take little long, also you need to connect both the devices. To connect the device, you will get a pop-up notification on the receiving device saying that this sender wants to send you a file, you just have to confirm by clicking on accept button. 
  • If you are already connected with that device, it will automatically transfer and a notification will be sent to you on the right corner of your screen when transferred. 
  • After the successful completion of file transfer, another push notification will come on the receiving device saying “Download complete” in the notification tab. 
  • To open the new file on your Mac device, you can find the file in your downloads or you can search in the Finder. Or else you can open directly from the push notification, but only before it disappears from your notifications. 

#3 Receive content with AirDrop on Mac

As you send the file from your iPhone to Mac, a notification with Accept & decline button will come. Which will give you an option that you want to save particular files or not. 

By tapping on the accept button, you agree to save files that are transferred. However, if you are using the same Apple ID account to transfer permission will not be asked to transfer or not. it will automatically be done. 


Using the following ways you can easily transfer any file, video, or image from your iPhone to Mac. Using AirDrop won’t require any external sources, just with the help of Bluetooth & WiFi you can transfer things easily. So now you don’t need to worry about how to transfer things on your Apple. This feature is one of the great for Apple users, solving most of the problems.

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