One of the most FRUSTRATING things about upgrading to Apple macOS High Sierra is the media keys not working for programs such as Spotify, iTunes, VLC, etc. Here we have a little workaround/fix that will fix the media keys not working in High Sierra. This fix is tested and working on iMac’s, MacBook Airs, MacBook Pros so it should work on any Mac.

After much searching, we couldn’t find an easy way to fix the media keys for MacOS, until we came across this little program. It’s simply called High Sierra Media Key Enabler. Its. SUPER SIMPLE to use. Just run it and your media keys will be like they used to before High Sierra. This is the best fix yet until apple does something!


There isn’t much to say about this application. But it has helped a lot of people that it has pissed off. This application thanks to it MilGraCom. Check out MilGraCom. We have no idea why Apple decided to change the media keys. But we are sure glad there is an application to fix it!

I suggest you include it in your login items (System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login items, then click the ‘+’ symbol at the bottom of the list of items that will open automatically when you log in

Still don’t have High Sierra? Download your copy

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