• Validates all adobe products with access to all features.
  • The universal adobe v2 patcher will disable every kind of tracking and logs of apps so you can be assured of its proper working.
  • It is relatively easy to use without much complex to use the software menu inside the application.
  • It does not require any administrative permissions needed to activate the adobe software.
  • You can be assured that it will not send or report back any usage statistics to the adobe.
  • You do not need to create any license during registration.

Using the Adobe universal patcher will show you the instructions on how to use universal adobe patcher 2020 for Mac so you can get any adobe software activated for free. You can follow the instructions down below for the activation of any adobe software on your Mac. 

Why Adobe Universal Patcher Mac is safe to use?

Other than the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, it does not require any administrator privileges during the activation process. 


The universal adobe patcher will also disable every kind of tracking of apps and also one can be assured that it will not report any usage statistics to adobe.


Download adobe universal patcher


Other than the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, it does not require a universal adobe patcher is a very advanced software application that Validates all the adobe products by activating it. The universal adobe patcher could help in activating and unlocking all of the adobe application features. 


The Universal adobe crack gives you all software and tools which do corrections, edit the file,  also working on images needed for printing and a plethora of multimedia and creativity software products, which are an important digital marketing software. Every adobe application software needs to be validated to be used and All of that validation process is handled by the Universal adobe patcher. It is an all in one solution to activate all the adobe software applications and products and hence it is called adobe universal patcher


Universal adobe v2 patcher + crack features


The unique thing about this Adobe universal patcher is that the fact it does not need any administrative privileges to run on Windows or macOS like operating systems. 


  • Validates all adobe products with access to all features

The universal adobe v2 patcher will disable every kind of tracking and logs of apps so you can be assured of an ital patcher


You can download the installer from adobedownload.org. Then you have to install the software through the adobe creative cloud desktop app 


  1. Now you must Install the Application using the adobe creative cloud desktop software
  2. After you have installed the application properly, You have to turn off the internet connection temporarily for the time being
  3. Open and run the software and Close the program right away

  4. Now run the Adobe universal patcher 
  5. Now install the Patch to  finish the activation


Common errors when using the Adobe universal patcher

  • Adobe Universal patcher can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.
  • Adobe Universal patcher is damaged and can’t be opened
  1. You should consider moving the Universal patcher to the trash and Re-download Universal patcher 
  2.  Or Try ejecting the disk image and Load it again
  • Also, ensure you disable the gatekeeper under the security and privacy to install the Universal patcher properly

Troubleshooting Issues related to Adobe Universal Patcher

These are some of the Frequent issues listed below when you are using the Adobe Universal patcher to activate adobe suite of software on Apple computers. 

  •  Universal Adobe patcher quit unexpectedly
  •  Universal adobe patcher 2020 quit unexpectedly
  • Adobe CC Patcher quit unexpectedly

There are various reasons in order for the activation to fail. Let us Troubleshoot the to get away from  such common issues

Here are some very common problems listed below which you  might be facing when using the software

  •  Adobe app might crash completely and does not work like the way as per your expectations

When Adobe Universal patcher does not work properly, You have to follow all the solutions listed below one by one.

First Solution:


  • Uninstall the activated adobe application and use CCleaner in cleaning all the caches.
  • install the Adobe app again 
  • Run the patch using Adobe universal patcher
  • See if the problem still persist 


Second Solution:

The problem could persist if you have any uninstalled app leftovers remaining inside your computer. You must delete everything that comes under by these uninstalled adobe applications as leftovers.


  • Uninstall the Adobe software products 
  • You must use CCleaner to clean up all the caches 
  • Check to see if you could find any remaining app leftovers of the adobe software on your mac
  • Ensure that you delete everything you find under these directories


/Library/Application\ Support/Adobe

/var/root/Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/Acrobat (Adobe Products)/

/Users//Library/Application\ Support/Adobe

  • After deleting the  remaining app leftovers of the adobe software on your mac
  • You must then reboot your mac 
  • Install the Adobe software again
  • Download the latest version of Adobe Universal Patcher  to patch the Adobe app
  • The Adobe software will be activated 

Catalina Users Solution:

Opening the Adobe Universal Patcher Update version on the macOS Catalina:

  1. Go to System Preferences > ‘Security & Privacy’.
  2. Click the lock to make changes and enter your system password.
  3. Open Adobe Universal patcher
  4.  In System Preferences, a dialog will appear
  5. Click ‘Open Anyway”


If Adobe software Products crashes and Does not open:

You can try the following steps:

  • Open and navigate to System Preferences > ‘Security & Privacy’
  • Under Privacy, Go to accessibility
  • Click the lock to make changes and enter your system password.
  • Now Click on the + sign under Allow the apps below to control your computer
  • Now Navigate to the Applications folder and select the Adobe software and click Open


You can download from here : Download

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