What is an Emulator?

In simple words, an Emulator is a software that lets you run another software from a different device, on your computer. For instance, the operating system of Mac can be run in windows by using an Emulator.

The most common use of emulators is seen in playing video games.

Need for the Best Emulator

Once a user starts working with a system for a while, it is challenging for him to switch to a different system, just because the software is not compatible with the platform on which the user works and user needs to face a lot of issues while running the applications like Microsoft Office and Excel on Mac.

This problem is fixed by downloading the best windows emulator for mac. Users can set up a double boot framework to run both Mac OS and Windows OS in parallel or just simply utilize a windows emulator for mac.

In this section, Parallels Desktop for Mac will be discussed with all the features that make it the best emulator software of all time. Parallels Desktop for Mac is an excellent software that provides the required hardware virtualization. It has Intel processors and was formulated by Parallels.

Parallels Desktop

Some of the coolest features in Parallels Desktop 16 are as follows:-

1- Future Ready

Parallels Desktop emulator is future-ready as its makers have designed it in a way that it is optimized for all the latest Windows 10 updates and macOS Big Sur. It has a very refreshing design and an easier setup. Parallels Desktop is also designed to continuously upgrade itself and stay up to date so that the user can have a good working experience and can keep working without any interruption, be it with a new macOS, Windows, or Linux release pop up.

2- Native macOS Virtualization

Parallels Desktop offers a user-friendly and seamless experience by using the native macOS system extensions instead of the deprecated kernel ones.

3- Support for macOS 11.0

Parallels Desktop 16 supports macOS Big Sur 11.0, macOS Catalina 10.15, macOS Mojave 10.14, and macOS High Sierra 10.13.

4- Stay Focused

While using Parallels Emulator, if you enable the Do Not Disturb feature in your Mac OS, then the Windows equivalent which is called the Focus Assist will also automatically get enabled in the Windows 10 OS. All this happens distraction-less and popup-free.

5- Disk Space

Parallels Desktop takes good care of the storage as well. In its general tab of the virtual machine configuration which you have enabled, the windows OS in most cases will be set to automatically return all disk space that has remained unused. All this unused disk space is given to the Mac OS when the system shuts down.

6- Native macOS Virtualization

Parallels Desktop provides native macOS extensions instead of providing the old and outdated kernel extensions. In macOS Big Sur, using these features of Parallels Desktop provides an easier onboarding experience.

7- Longer Battery Life

Keeping in mind the battery concerns users may face due to an Emulator software, Parallels Desktop is designed in a way that it helps to save the battery life when your mac is not plugged in. In the new and improved Travel Mode of this software, Windows will consume significantly less computing resources and also minimize the intake of network resources. This makes the battery life last longer by a significant amount.

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