2019 MacBook Pro 16-Inch Impressions

Apple MacBook Pro is a true successor to the MacBook Air. The MacBook Pro has a fancy touch bar which could be the best replacement for the age-old MacBook air. The MacBook Pro is the thinnest and lightest computer ever from Apple with a Touch Bar and Four thunderbolt ports for IO. Apple MacBook Pro is the most portable and powerful mobile computers of all time. 


The MacBook Pro does not come with a MagSafe charging port anymore and also does not include the standard IO like SD Card reader, CD Drive, HDMI ports or the USB ports. It only has a standard headphone jack and 4 Thunderbolt USB C ports. 


The MacBook Pro also has a Force Touch trackpad and Apple’s Move on USB C only ports on the MacBook Pro forced every other computer manufacturer now to strip away the other useful remaining USB Ports and Removal of SD Card Readers as well, Apple being only the dominant force behind it. 


Every Professional video editors, Creatives, YouTubers and Photographers have been waiting for this new MacBook Pro refresh and It deserves to be the true replacement of all the laptop computers.


When will the MacBook Pro be updated?

The MacBook Air has truly defined and created the Ultrabook trend in laptop computers before even any computer manufacturers came up with that idea and Having made the wedge shape popular and been copied by every other manufacturer on their computers too. The MacBook Air is known for creating an Industry-standard in terms of Battery life, thin design, being lightweight and Popular design. But for a long time, Apple didn’t come up with any design improvements and stick with its design. While other manufacturers like Lenovo working with Hinge, Dell came up with new displays, Razer came up with an idea of a new type of keyboard and Microsoft introduced a new type of laptops.


The New MacBook Pro Designs

 Apple reinvented and improved the MacBook Air with an Ultra-portable and Powerful MacBook Pro Touchbar


MacBook Pro touchpad is special to accommodate an entire wrist and feels comfortable. The force touch on a MacBook Pro simulates the pressure of the click without even moving and the whole touchpad feels super responsive with various gestures. The touchpad uses all the space and that you cannot find in any other laptop computers. 


 Even the display bezels are really thin and accommodate stereo speakers on either side of the keyboards. Apple didn’t waste a single space on the 16 inch MacBook Pro.


I’m writing this whole Apple Macbook Pro 2019 Review on the Apple MacBook Pro new release and I could easily say that I will not be going back to any other laptop computer after this for at least the next 3 years. It feels truly an upgrade from my previous laptop computers right from the stable Keyboard, Touchpad, Extra-long battery life, and the display bezels.


Upgrading from a MacBook Air, You will appreciate the display where the new MacBook Pro comes up with a 3072 x 1920 display resolution with good contrast and brightness. Adding points to the well built and design aesthetics. 


Apart from good build quality and superior display, The new MacBook Pro shines in performance right from scrolling and swiping across some heavy apps like Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Lightroom keeping up with Pro specs of the lineup. 

What is missing here?

The SD card slot is not available on the new MacBook Pro anymore. Without an Adapter, You have to carry an Adapter also called Dongle and Carrying a USB C cable with you everywhere.


The Coolest part of Apple’s vision of Wireless is that you have 2 USB C Ports on each side, So it lets you charge in every side no matter what. However, the MacBook Pro 16 inch does carry itself a Headphone jack, unlike the new iPhone 11 series. You can still throw in an AirPods Pro or Beats headphones and get a good wireless music experience. 


If you want to plug in an iPhone 11, You still need the dongle. But thankfully now the newer iPad Pro does carry USB C port and comes with its Type C adapter. 


When you want to connect an external hard disk or Ethernet port or connect to an External Display or Projector, All that needs a Type C cable or the dongle


Apple is just forcing you to lose access to your existing USB sticks, USB Drives, USB Ethernet adapter, HDMI Cables and also the Dearly forgotten MagSafe chargers for the Extra slimness, Portability, and Wireless Future. Of course USB Type C standard has various advantages over the long term and No one is denying that. 

Battery Life

The battery life on the new 16 inch MacBook Pro is excellent with heavy browsing and streaming Netflix or Amazon Prime, Easily achieving Apple’s claim on their official website. It lasts much longer and I am happy with this year’s new MacBook Pro. Apple’s new MacBook Pro could easily attract creatives and Photographers from editing photos and videos. 

The Touch Bar

The MacBook Pro comes with a Touch Bar which is a Thin touchscreen strip that can do a lot more than what it is being advertised as right from adding touchscreen buttons, replacing some basic physical keys with programmable digital keys.


The touch bar is very useful and obvious without having a complicated setup and easily integrated into your daily lives. It is stepping ahead in the right direction and a must needed in every windows laptop computers as well too. The fingerprint sensor also comes along with the touch bar and Achieves Apple’s vision of interacting with the macOS with touch and without putting a touchscreen, A touch interface that comes as an extension to the keyboard. 


Covering all the basics perfectly, A brightness slider, Volume keys, Mute, and Siri all of these useful Keys are at the right side of the touch bar always visible for you. You have an option to customize the Touch Bar with a new set of controls and functions from the macOS like Spotlight, Siri, and other useful buttons. Also, the Escape button on the Touch Bar is always visible on the left side of the Touch Bar. The center of the Touch Bar displays only relevant controls based on the app you choose.


Also, developers can able to integrate their apps with Touch Bar support. So as far as I have noticed, Almost every app right from Photoshop, MS Office, 1Password, Pixelmator, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge for Mac, DaVinci Resolve and Other Mac apps already supporting the Touch Bar. Besides Apple’s own apps make great use of the Touch Bar.

When you go to Mail, There are relevant controls to archive and mark an Email as spam, When you’re typing there is an array of Emojis for you to choose from, You can also slide across a bunch of photos in the Photos app and Safari lets you switch tabs using the Touch bar which Microsoft Edge for Mac also seems to support it. 

The Touch Bar can really of great help to people and It is truly revolutionary for the Mac with how we interact with the macOS. 

What’s changed with the 16-inch MacBook Pro?

The MacBook Pro 16 inch has much smaller display bezels and fits perfectly on your lap and desk with good viewing angles and has really good speakers. The display is brighter and improved from the previous versions with a big 16 inch and color accurate retina display


The 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro comes with a Good, Old stable keyboard design fixing the woes of the previous Butterfly keyboard. The New MacBook Pro also has better dissipation of heat which makes the thermal management on Mac even better and makes the processor runs more efficiently. The Keyboard now has a physical Esc key than the previous Touch Bar versions. 


Apart from having a larger screen, The New 16 inch MacBook Pro comes with a 100 Wh battery and also comes with a 96W charger. Apple’s official website claims 11 hours of battery and on our tests, It exceeded far beyond that. The macOS Catalina is 


The 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro has the best speakers ever heard in a laptop with up to three speakers on each side letting it have better bass. It gets really loud and has a better stereo effect. Apple also has the best microphones ever with up to three mics sounding better than rivals like the latest Microsoft Surface Laptops.


Apple has made some serious under the hood design changes this year which adds a large heat sink which will dissipate heat better, Improved the fan design to vent out more air, At the expense of making the best laptop computer even made the Mac slightly thick and made few logic board arrangements to improve on the heat dispersion. 

To Summarize this Review 

MacBook Pro 16 inch is a serious Ultrabook for all the Pros and Creatives with a slightly larger and better screen, Really good speakers, Top of the line Graphic card options, Where instead of Apple going with all thinness, Decided to make it thick and came with the best working reliable Mac keyboard which we all known for instead of butterfly mechanism and Now a dedicated Esc button instead of the Touch Bar one, More and better heat dispersion. 16-inch MacBook Pro is the best Laptop which could be suggested to all Pros, Creatives, and Students. 

  • Finally fixing the long introduced Butterfly keyboard of 2016 with traditional reliable magic Keyboard 
  • No SD Card Slot 
  • Smart Force Touch Trackpad
  • No MagSafe power connector 
  • Great Speakers
  • Excellent battery life

How much are MacBook Pros

 You can find the 2019 MacBook Pro 16-inch price of $2,399 for the Base model. Computer retailers are also known for giving new MacBook pro deals on the MacBook Pro in 2020.


The newest Mac Pro laptops prices and specs are as given below. 


$2,399 Configurable model 

  • With up to 2.6GHz 6-core 9th Gen Intel Core i7 processor ( Which Turbo Boosts up to 4.5GHz)
  • 16GB 2666MHz DDR4 RAM ( Configurable Up to 64GB RAM )
  • AMD Radeon Pro 5300M with 4GB GDDR6  
  • 512GB SSD ( Configurable Up to 8TB storage )

$2,799 Configurable  model

  • 2.3GHz 8-core 9th Gen Intel Core i9 processor (Which Turbo Boosts up to 4.8GHz)
  • 16GB 2666MHz DDR4 RAM ( Configurable Up to 64GB RAM )
  • AMD Radeon Pro 5500M with 4GB GDDR6  
  • 1TB SSD ( Configurable Up to 8TB storage )

All models

  • 16.0-inch Retina display 
  • 3072 x 1920 Resolution, 226ppi, With up to 500 nits 
  • P3 wide color, True Tone technology
  • 100 watt-hour battery, 
  • 96W USB-C charger
  • Six-speaker stereo system 
  •  Dolby Atmos
  • “Studio-quality” three-microphone array
  • Intel UHD Graphics 630
  • Four Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • headphone jack
  • Backlit Magic Keyboard 
  • Touch Bar and Touch ID
  • Force Touch trackpad                     
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 5.0


All the above models can be configurable up to AMD Radeon Pro 5500M with 8GB of GDDR6 memory.

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