Apple launched its tiny tracker worth $29 last month. Apple’s Air Tag is small and impressive. Manufactured of the plastic disc, it works efficiently, offering personal privacy with Anti Stalking features.

You can attach Apple AirTags to any device and keep up-to-date track of the device using your iPhone’s Find My app.

Here is what you must know about AirTags:


I will try my best about Apple AirTag review,

The Basic of AirTags

AirTags and its working are pretty easy to understand. AirTags comprises two basic parts:

  • A tiny ball with a Bluetooth Low Energy
  • A radio U1 ultra-wideband (UWB) chip

You can pair it easily with your iPhone, just like you pair it with AirPods. After setting the device, you have to go through a short setup process. Finally, AirTags tracking is available in the Find My appNew tab“.

Users can set the AirTags according to their requirements. The user must land on the Find My app and tap the chirp, lost, or locate button. The overall usability of AirTags is very satisfying.

AirTags Set Up

To set up AirTag with iPhone Setting is relatively easy. The battery tab needs to be pulled and brought close to iPhone, followed by tapping the ‘Connect‘ button.

Moreover, if you want to update the iPhone to the iOS version, you just log into my iCloud account, verify the lock code on iPhone; that’s it. AirTags set up is a straight forward process.

AirTags Biggest Selling Point

The most significant selling point of Apple AirTags is Apple’s Find My network. This network is made up of millions of Apple devices. It’s no wrong to say that Apple AirTags is a frame presenting the strength and capability of Apple’s Find My network to reach any lost item.

Furthermore, Find My network allowed its network accessibility by third parties items such as bikes and headphones. This feature enhances the number of devices on the Find My network. And this leads to the importance of AirTag.

How? Suppose you lost your bike keys, and they had an AirTag attached. The moment a stranger with another device on the Find My network crosses the path where you lose the keys, automated, secure communication with the AirTag will help you update the location of your lost keys.

AirTags : Accessibility and Price

AirTags work efficiently with the following devices

  • iPhone or iPodTouch ( iOS 14.5 version )
  • iPad (any version)
  • iPadOS 14.5

Pointing out the cost, a single AirTag will cost a user $29 (£29, AU$45); users can also invest in four-pack AirTags worth $99 (£99, AU$149).

The price range of AirTags is comparably low than any other Apple product. Hence, users who are already in the field of Apple systems will have no problem investing in the AirTags.

AirTags Design

Examining the design of an AirTag, you will always find it a classic Apple visual outlook. AirTags is white and shiny with a little silver-coloured button.

Being 1.26-inch in diameter and 11g in weight, it is as light as a coin. The thickness of AirTags is 8mm with the white side – plastic, and the other side – aluminium.

The plastic of AirTags has custom emoji or letters printed on it. These emojis have a super cute resemblance.

On a sad note, the plastic soon gets scuffed. The chrome on the back also might develop scratches. Hence, you should not expect the plastic to last long with a pristine look.

The best point about the plastic body is it serves as the speaker. How? The plastic body vibrates, thereby producing the chirping noise. The noise is plenty loud enough to get the signal of location. But, if the AirTag gets squeezed or compressed, it will affect the loudness making the sound dampening.

The user might find difficulty with AirTags attachments as they do not have a hole on it for a lanyard loop. This makes it challenging to attach. For the attachment, you might need to invest in an accessory such as a loop or strap whose price ranges from $30 to $440.

AirTags Battery

Talking about the battery, unlike many Apple parts, AirTags is designed as such that the battery is user-replaceable. Also, the standard and removable CR2032 battery cell used in it is ideal for a year of battery life, as claimed by Apple. The batteries used in AirTags are small, cheap and easier to be replaced.

AirTags Guide

To guide its users with better tracking ability, AirTag uses Precision Finding. It is accessible only on iPhone 11 or 12. Why? Because the AirTag has a U1 ultrawideband chip just as iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 has.

U1 ultrawideband is capable enough to locate the exact distance and directions to get into your lost device.

Furthermore, the AirTags with U2 ultrawideband offers a unique interface to guide the users to the item in a hassle-free manner. The guide uses iPhone cameras, ARK it software, accelerometer, and gyroscope, along with good quality sound to direct you to your lost item.

AirTags Complexity

AirTags comes with hidden complexity. The complexity might arise while you are tracking an AirTag for something that’s lost. Just like any other Find My network app in Apple, the AirTag’s location is end-to-end encrypted. Thus, it allows only you to see its tracked location. But the issue might be an iOS device, as any iOS device send that particular location to you.

AirTags Data Storage

AirTags don’t store the data of its user’s location.

If you are the owner of AirTags, you are the only one who is capable of viewing the location of your AirTag. AirTags never stores any location data or history on its own.

At the moment AirTag comes in contact with another Find My device (suppose an iPhone), AirTags transfer the entire location data to the user in an encrypted and anonymous manner. No one, not Apple itself, knows the exact location/identity of your AirTag or the Find My device.

The Takeaway

All in all, Apple’s AirTags works exceptionally well, function effectively, and will continue to be helpful to keep you safe in Apple’s world.

AirTags is well-designed, privacy-focused at its foundation.

And since there’s no intense competition with the Android version of Find My, it will probably stay strong in the Apple ecosystem without letting its users switch off!

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